Kategoria: Biologia, Chemia

Autorzy: edited by Urszula Czyżewska, Marek Bartoszewicz, Róża Sawczuk

Rok wydania: 2021

Numer ISBN: 978-83-7431-692-7

Liczba stron: 200

Format: B5, oprawa miękka

Waga: 600 g

Wyświetlenia: 412

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Opis książki

The presented monograph analyzes various examples of research related to medicine, environmental protection, environmental qualitative research, or the use of new analytical and biological methods that can be used in research on the assessment of the environment, human health and support technologies used in cleaning selected elements of the environment from pollutants. In this way, an extensive interdisciplinary study was created, aimed at confronting theoretical assumptions with detailed biological, chemical, and medical solutions relating to the management of the indicated elements of the environment. Choosing such a "fragment" of ecology is a deliberate action, especially since activities in the field of the environment often cause significant transformations (usually destructive) of the environment and there are many reasons to explore the subject.
dr hab. Janina Piekut Bialystok University of Technology

The monograph is a collection of original articles, reviews, and reports that familiarize the specialist reader, as well as those not related to the scientific community, with selected problems of broadly understood environmental protection. They cover topics related to the methods of environmental pollution assessment and their elimination, the search for new bioindicators, the distribution, and abundance of plant and animal populations determined by changes in the natural environment, as well as the pathogenesis of civilization diseases, including cancer.
dr hab. Katarzyna Niemirowicz- Laskowska Medical Univesity of Bialystok

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