Algebra for Erasmus Students. Volume 1

Kategoria: Matematyka, Fizyka

Autorzy: Mateusz Woronowicz

Rok wydania: 2024

Numer ISBN: 978-83-7431-792-4

Liczba stron: 324

Format: B5

Waga: 700 g

Wyświetlenia: 135

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Opis książki

The reviewed monograph presents the basic concepts of abstract algebra. There are described the fundamental notions, properties, and theorems concerning the groups, rings, fields, and homomorphisms of these structures. Moreover, in the first chapter, the author presents the facts and concepts of elementary number theory used in the textbook. Virtually all of the proofs and examples presented in the text are described in great detail with thorough explanations.

the translation of a fragment of the review by
Maciej Bocheński, prof. UWM, Hab., PhD.

The book is written very carefully, with attention to formalism and logical arrangement, both in terms of the overall material as well as the proofs of particular theorems. References to the previously discussed facts are used with rare scrupulousness, even when these facts can be easily guessed. To illustrate the considered notions and show how the properties of some objects should be verified or examined, the author provides numerous examples. There are almost 200 of them in the 315-page textbook. (...) They add significant value to the textbook, among other things because they provide a specific approach to solving tasks and problems that may appear during tests and exams.

the translation of a fragment of the review by
Czesław Bagiński, prof. PB, Hab., PhD.

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